Need Gift Ideas? Check Out These Guides Curated by the TPL Community.

If you're looking for holiday shopping inspiration that's 100% ethical, look no further than these gift guides curated by members of the People Label community! There's something for everyone, from the guys on your list to the social justice enthusiast to the fashionista.  

Isiyingi Circle Necklace In Charcoal by  Thanda Zulu    

Isiyingi Circle Necklace In Charcoal by Thanda Zulu


Gift Guide: For the Accessories Fiend | Statement Bags & Jewelry | Style Wise 

Sorted by price, this guide offers suggestions "For the woman who has her wardrobe game sorted out, but likes to add accessories that are sure conversation starters, all the more so because they're ethically produced"

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Relaxation Gift Basket by  Thistle Farms

Relaxation Gift Basket by Thistle Farms

10 Products Made By Survivors of Human Trafficking That Support Their New Life | Simply Liv & Co

"Supporting the brands who employ survivors and aid in rescuing those still enslaved is a small, but highly effective way to join in the fight. Each one of the products included on this list were made by a survivor of trafficking or someone who is at risk for being trafficked. Each product provides sustainable income, a safe workplace, and care as the men and women transition back into the 'real world'."

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"Do What Is Right" tee by  A Beautiful Refuge

"Do What Is Right" tee by A Beautiful Refuge

Green Gift Guide | My Green Closet

"It’s getting into the holiday season, and if you’re shopping for gifts this year, why not buy from conscious brands? This list contains both North American and EU based companies, but most ship internationally."

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Helm Beanie by Krochet Kids 

Helm Beanie by Krochet Kids 

A Holiday Gift Guide For Him | Simply Liv & Co

"He may be low maintenance, but for some reason, Christmas shopping for my husband is always the hardest part of the holiday. I know him and what he needs, and yet, I find myself stumped each year because guys are just so darn hard to shop for. 

Adding ethics to the mix makes things even more difficult. It's one thing to run to Target and pick up a new set of steak knives or a new flannel, but when you're hoping to find conscious gifts for everyone on your list, things can get pricey really quickly. This gift guide focuses solely on items that are both practical and affordable- without sacrificing ethics. Everything is under $100 (except one splurge gift) and each piece is hand picked by me including brands I've personally worked with or researched. There may even be a discount code or two thrown in just for fun ;)"

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Throw by  Happy Habitat

Throw by Happy Habitat

Three Thoughtful Gift Guides | Leotie Lovely

"I recently just had a birthday. Over the years, my family has stopped buying me individual gifts and chosen instead to go in on one really great one. Something I've been pining for but unable to get for myself due to my own restricted income. Knowing I am only going to get one gift, I’ve noticed I have started to choose more carefully, and in the end, treasure the gift differently as I associate that single object with the Love of my whole family linked to

With this in mind, I have created this rather robust gift guide with a combination of objects, some I’ve owned for a while, some I made myself, some are recent gifts, and some are gifts I got for others. Each one is made ethically and sustainably and is a thing of quality. Made to last, made to be useful, and made to be loved."

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Zipper Pouch by One Nine Eight Five

Zipper Pouch by One Nine Eight Five

A Conscious Christmas Gift Guide: Ethical, Sustainable, British Based | The Ethical Unicorn

"I was lucky enough to be part of a UK Christmas collaborative lookbook alongside some of the best eco-blogger babes in the biz. It was a truly delightful day filled with laughter, fun and new friendships formed outside of the internet, all while clothed in some of the finest ethical fashion we could find. We collaborated with local British sustainable fashion brands to showcase their goods as alternative options for the holidays, at the same time celebrating collaboration over competition in our industry. Because if we’re talking about treating the world with more kindness, that starts with how we treat each other.

We also decided to extend our work into creating a conscious holiday gift guide, as our work went on putting together this post we discovered the brands we were working with often extended beyond just fashion, at the same time discovering more who were creating beautiful gift options. So we figured, why not share all the gorgeous ethical items you could buy for your loved ones this holiday season too?"

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