Our favorite morning yoga routine (for those too busy to go to the gym)

That title might be misleading because we are currently in debt.

Ash has recently decided that she won't be going back to teaching next year.  Instead, she's going to explore her other passions.  And "explore other passions" = not getting paid.  So we have a couple months left of her collecting a paycheck before we are living on only my income.  Slightly scary.  To make things a little more terrifying, we have a pile of debt - credit cards, our car, a couple loans.

Before we begin this next chapter of our lives (the Explore Other Passions chapter) we would really prefer to be debt free.  The problem is:  even if we threw every dollar we currently make at our debt, it still wouldn't be paid off by the time Ash stop gettin' dat teacher money.

So... what are we to do?

First:  I don't have the answer.  Please don't read this as a prescriptive guide to how to handle your debt.  Instead, I highly recommend Mr. Ramsey for that.

Second:  I do have a plan.

THE PLAN - PART I:  Eat rice + beans.  Literally.  We're going to live on as few dollars a day as possible and put any extra cash we have leftover towards our debt.

THE PLAN - PART II:  Provide so much value to others that they are happy to give you money in return.  AKA: start some businesses.

Will the plan work?  Our fingers are crossed.  You can follow along by watching The @howdybrandon Show each week to see how things are going.  And if you want to help out, you can buy us a Costco-sized bag of rice and beans.

Have you tried to get out of debt before?  Were you successful?  What are your tips?